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Featuring Waldorf related vendors and services – waldorfshop.net is more than a one-stop Waldorf shopping experience. The Waldorf Shop is an opportunity for the world-wide Waldorf Education community to take stock of our true resources, move beyond competition – toward mutually supportive service, and welcome outstanding providers not directly connected with Waldorf education. We're a network of folks creating a more beautiful, purposeful and wonder-filled world.

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Inspiring Imagination Through Play

Bella Luna Toys is committed to offering unique natural toys and products for children and families that are safe, healthy, and encourage imaginative play. You will find no battery-operated or plastic toys here, the kind that will be played with for a short time before ending up in a landfill. Our quality toys are not disposable. They are built to last; the kind of toys that can be passed on or handed down to future generations.

Most of our toys are made in the USA, Europe, or Canada. The ones made overseas are certified to be ethically and sustainably made. Our toys have been tested to meet the strictest safety standards.

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Shea Darian

Shea Darian, author of Seven Times the Sun and award winners, Sanctuaries of Childhood and Living Passages – has inspired parents, teachers & caregivers with tools to nurture healthy families for over 20 years. As a family and grief educator, and creator of the Model of Adaptive Grieving Dynamics (MAGD), Shea's talks, workshops, books, greeting cards and a cappella cds equip families with practical tools to meet the joys and challenges of living in the 21st century. It's her way of helping to change the world for good - one parent, one child, one family at a time.

Learn more at SheaDarian.com

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